26 July 2011

On mowing the lawn

I'm a believer in energy. Not just energy to get up and go, or energy to make things go. Energy within ourselves, whether you call it chi, or something else. It’s also a feeling. I mowed the lawns on Saturday, front back and sides – a true hair cut! It made me feel good. Not just because it looks much neater and tidy, but because the energy has changed, moved around.

It’s the same when I finally organise my wardrobe, or the kids’ piles of clothing, or the pantry cupboard. (Except I haven’t done that last one yet. I will. One day soon. It’s been on my list since April last year. I’m not kidding. I wrote it on the list before the in-laws came to stay, it didn’t get done. And has not been done! )
As a mother, I think any method of recharging and feeling energy is a good thing. I desperately need more energy. I go to bed exhausted, I wake up tired and wondering how I will make it through the day. So if shaking things up, moving around and changing spaces gives me energy, I'd better do more of it!


25 July 2011


It's dark. Cold. Dark and very cold. I'm often in the middle of a dream. Then the alarm wakes me and I can't believe. No, really - I have to get up now?

It's my choice to get up at 5.05am. I lie there for a few minutes, debating with myself. I'll just sleep, says lazy me. No, get up. You'll be so annoyed with yourself if you just sleep, practical me fires back. But I'm tired, lazy me whines. Get up, you wobbly, slothful, lazy piece of ****, practical, vain and annoying me shouts. OK, OK, I'll get up. But I'm not happy about it.

I pat my bedside table in the pitch black, searching for a hair elastic, scrunch my hair into a very, very messy bun and stumble in to the bathroom. Quietly. Step in to my gym clothes, freezing in the proccess. Brush my teeth. Toilet. Wash my face with ridiculously cold water because 1. it takes too long for the hot water to come through the pipes and 2. I don't want to wake Itay any more than I already have. Check on the kids. Put my shoes and socks on. Grab my gym bag, creep out the door. Drive to the gym, yawning, arranging my eyebrows and hoping I don't have massive creases on my face.

It's cold cold cold again when I get out of the car, but once I'm in the gym, I'm set. I'm there to do a job and to be honest, sometimes I actually enjoy it! I'm strong! Powerful! Dedicated! Look at me pump/attack/stretch/spin/balance! I am a fit, healthy woman!

Then I go home and eat chocolate brownie for morning tea. Guess I'll have to go again tomorrow morning then, won't I?

But seriously, chocolate brownie aside (or inside, as it is, in my tummy), the positives of exercising very early in the morning outweight the negatives in my situation. It's all done and over by 6.30am, and I'm home by 6.35am. Most of our daily prep is completed the night before (lunches, bags packed, ironing etc) and the kids wake earlyish anyway. I've all but forgotten about my efforts by the time I get the kids ready for kindly and I head off for work. It works for me... I just need to be consistent.

I know any exercise is better than no exercise, and that is what counts. I have the very real threat of Type 2 Diabetes hanging over me, having been told by specialists that I have 50% chance of getting this disease within the next 20 years. In order to reduce this chance, I need to eat well (oops, damn that brownie!) and exercise.

point + shoot {weekend la la}

Yet another gorgeous winter sunshiney weekend. It was actually hot!

:: Saturday ::
:: the girl loved her second ballet and jazz lessons
:: Itay got out for a surf
:: a BBQ in the glorious sun with my beautiful mothers group friends and families
:: I mowed the lawn!
:: our usual cooking for the week ahead

:: Sunday ::
:: another early wake up... hmmm
:: slow breakfast
:: picnik by the beach
:: the boy has mastered the scooter, he's so speedy!
:: hot in jeans and a tshirt... delicious sun
:: getting ready for the week ahead
:: I baked Extreme Chocolate brownies... yet to master the brownie!

A beautiful weekend. How was yours?

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22 July 2011

The way we are.

This is a quote from a make up artist who has worked on the faces of some super famous women. Her words touched a cord with me. I need to buy less magazines.

"I haven't met one woman yet in my path, even the ones that are viewed as perfect by most, who doesn't struggle with the whole, not feeling good on the inside equals not feeling good on the outside. If one doesn't cultivate what makes them feel beautiful on the inside, it doesn't matter what our shells look like, we don't like what we see. Women are very hard on themselves. All women. It's painful to realize that we all share a very warped perception of ourselves. Even the women we admire. I have often said that the reason I am successful as a makeup artist is because of how I make the women I work with feel more than how I make them look.

The thing to remember about celebrities is that it is a part of their job to look the way they do. They exercise more than most women do (sometime 2-3 hours a day), they get facials on a regular basis, many of them have their food delivered to them and it's not three big huge glorious meals. It takes extreme dedication and diligence on the part of the actress to maintain the body and face that they have. They sit in hair and makeup for 2-3 hours before we see them all dolled up. A lot goes into how they look. An average women does not have the time to dedicate to their looks the way an actress does, and the average woman shouldn't feel compelled to, it's not part of their job. What is admirable about these "beautiful" woman, is there dedication to being great at their job. That is what is empowering about them, not how glamourous they look."

Molly Stern, via Girl's Gone Child.

21 July 2011

Making good choices

I dragged myself back to the gym on Tuesday, after a couple of weeks of non-attendance. I've been extremely inconsistent since we came back from our trip and I feel it. I have a goal in mind and I really need to focus, work hard and get back in to making good choices.

I did Pump on Tuesday and followed it up by actually dragging myself out of bed for a 5.30am Balance class on Wednesday. Today I can hardly walk. Sitting down hurts my bum and walking hurts my body. Then I weighed myself. Oops. That hurts all over.

It's a lifestyle change. Comitting to regular, consistent exercise and making better food choices. Cutting down/out alcohol.

It isn't a diet. It's a lifestyle.

How are you feeling at the moment?

20 July 2011



Ooh, 20. 20 big ones.

Twenty years since high school. Am I really that old? I missed our 10 year school reunion as I was overseas at the time and to be honest, I was devastated that I couldn't go. I enjoyed high school. Well, most of it. My boobs still aren't very big but I'm pretty sure the guys who teased me about it will be a little more mature now!

My 20 year high school reunion is fast approaching and this time, I'm going to be there. I've decided to go "stag", that is, without Itay. I figure I'll be able to catch up more easily with lots more people if I'm not constantly stopping to introduce him, explain who each person is (especially if I'm trying to figure it out for myself!) and making sure he is OK. Of course, he is socially adept but I'm just going to wing it all by myself.

*Gulp*. It's a little nerve wracking to think about, actually!

We're actually having the reunion at the same venue we held our Year 12 formal, which is quite fitting. Hopefully it will be a blast. Facebook has been instrumental in catching up with loads of old school friends, whcih has been lovely. I don't regularly see any of the people I went to school with from my actual year. I do have a couple of good friends from the year below me that I catch up with and I have run in to the odd classmate. It will be a huge night full of memories, I am sure.

19 July 2011

Taking time to make it fun

Just lately, I've felt a little more energized and a little more patient with the people who matter most - my children. I've been able to get down on the floor and play trains. I've put music on and danced a little. I've coloured in a little more. When dreaming of having babies, I didn't imagine that playing would be quite so much effort sometimes!

I've been trying to find some inspiration to engage the kids in a few different activities, which for the most part has been fun. O is a just at that age when he thinks it's fun to throw stuff. So this coloured rice activity was going well, with both kids stirring, sorting and making "soup", until O thought it would be a great idea to throw his whole bowl on the ground. Twice. And then activity over. They did enjoy it though!

Making coloured rice:

I first posted this in October last year, but here's a quick recap of how to do it. It's so easy, and while I thought the preparation would be messy, it is actually pretty much mess free as long as you supervise!
You need:

Rice, any kind
Ziplock bags
Food colouring
Hand sanitiser, make sure it has alcohol in it

Pour some rice in a bag. Squirt in a bit of the sanitiser. Add a few drops of food colouring. Carefully zip up the bag. Shake and squish the rice so it becomes coated in the sanitiser and food colouring. Pour in to a bowl to dry, whcih should only take about 15 minutes. (I lined the bowls with paper towel as I wasn't sure if it would stain, but it didn't seem to.) Now make a few more colours! Easy!

18 July 2011

point + shoot {weekend la la}

Ooh, it was chilly and rainy on Saturday, so after the much anticipated ballet and jazz lessons then sushi for lunch, we headed home and cosied up. We did our usual cooking for the week, and while I was making dinner, the kids and Itay built a Lego wall.

M dug up some beads and buttons from my sewing kit, which she found under her bed, not sure how that happened but it does indicate how often it's used! She made a necklace with some very thin elastic thread and I was very impressed with her patience and fine motor skills.

We all had an afternoon sleep too. Lovely!

15 July 2011

What's on this weekend?

Unlike the beautiful sunshine we enjoyed last week, this weekend is looking like it will be chilly and a little rainy. Last weekend, I was tempted to go for a swim, until I tested the water, that was!

This weekend, big plans include the first ever ballet and jazz classes for the princess. She's simply bursting with pink, sparkling excitement. Hopefully we'll tidy up a bit around the house, sneak in an afternoon nap and then on Sunday we have some dear friends coming up for a BBQ. In the cold and rain... We'll just have to duck in and out to cook.

What are you up to over the weekend? I'm sure I'll have some photos of the much anticipated dance classes!

13 July 2011

More face painting...

Over the weekend we happened upon a farmers market where we scored some cheap bananas and passionfruit. Delightful! Of course there was a face paintings tall, and M is positive she is entitled to a face paint whenever and where she sees them. Not so on this weekend. We're cutting back!

After a silly tantruam (I just love being that parent who walks around a quiet little market with a sobbing, screaming child, ignoring her) she said she was going to paint her face herself when we got home. That's OK, I said. Here is her creation:

So not only did we save the money and she reduced just a  little of that sense of entitlement, she gained a huge amount of pleasure by doing it herself. A win, and she was so proud!


I've been struggling with a decision to continue studying or to stop, take a few deep breaths and try to discover what it really is I want to be doing. It's a huge commitment, this study thing, with a family and work. I was, and am still unsure of which path I should take. One of my sweet cyber-friends sent me a beautiful, completely appropriate quote which really just made my day. Then, just a few hours later, I spotted it on Pinterest. Here it is!

It's just so perfect. I know there is purpose in my wondering and wanderings. I'm not lost, I'm just wondering which path to take.

This beautiful image is via Pinterest, originally from seller thewheatfield on etsy.com. It is a J.R.R. Tolkien quote.

12 July 2011

Where is Thumbkin?

He never really wanted a dummy. Even when he was nil by mouth in the Special Care Unit as a newborn, he just didn't like the dummy. He figured out he had thumbs and then he decided on a favourite. Little lefty went in the mouth when he was tired, bored or wanted Mummy. I was wondering when or how he'd eventually stop.

Last week he was unwell and cranky. Our kids have never really "teethed" but this was true blue teething, with bloody gums, pain when eating and blisters on his tongue while his molars pushed further through his gums. He was in so much pain, the poor little chomp. His mouth was even too painful for him to suck his thumb.

Now it seems as though he's forgotten about thumbkin. He sucked his thumb through previous new teeth, huge painful blisters on his thumb, terrible colds when his nose was blocked and he couldn't breathe if he sucked at the same time. But now he seems to have moved on. Bye bye, thumbkin. You were cute. And we loved you.

This is one of the first photos I have of the thumb lovin'.

This snapshot was taken (with flash!) just a few weeks ago.
This is the last photo we'll have of Ori sucking his thumb. Aww!
Don't you just love this very real photo - dirty little feet and washing in the background!

11 July 2011

point + shoot {weekend la la}

Winter sunshine. Girl being gorgeous.
Farmers market. Beach. Picnic. Bikes. Newspaper. Peach nectar.
Afternoon naps. Strawberries and dark chocolate.
Pancakes with maple syrup, cinnamon and passionfruit.
More winter sunshine.
Weekend la la.

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8 July 2011


We have a new favourite side dish is our house. Easy to prepare, the kids adore it and it's easy not too hard to pick up off the floor. Winner, right?!

Pearl cous cous. We love you.

We love it. Soften a little bit of onion, add in a few spices and then the cous cous. Splash in some stock, cook it off and about eight minutes and you're finished. Yum!

7 July 2011


Some days I work from home in a cold little corner of our house. At work, I sit in an office. Do I get ten minutes of sunshine on those days? I walk to and from the car, and that is about it. I was feeling cold and blue, and a friend suggested just getting outside and sitting in the sun or going for a walk.

I took my glass of green tea and a novel and sat in our front yard, the only sunny spot at our place in the afternoon. It was lovely to walk away from the screen and enjoy ten minutes of peace and sunshine in winter.

The tiny two

We found the "terrrible twos" with M to be just that, terrible. But three years old, that was just utterly traumatic. The tragic threes. So when O cruised through babyhood and in to toddlerhood, I wasn't afraid. He is sweet and funny and laughed much more often than he cried. I thought we might even be lucky enough to just have a crazy climbing kid, one who (quite often) throws heavy objects at unprepared kids and adults. Not so good but not so bad, either.

Then... it happened. The tiny two year old flung himself to the ground a couple of days ago and let rip with an almighty tantruam. Game on! He's still going, three days later. Tiny, terrible twos. Gulp.

6 July 2011

Sneaky snacks and saving cash

"But why is it in ice, Mummy?" She was so excited, yet wondering why the
"movie" (as she insisted on calling it) was on ice. A difficult question to answer. Why indeed, did Disney create a show on ice?

I grabbed some last minute tickets and made some last minute plans. These shows are ridiculously expensive, in my opnion. Then you need to add on parking costs and the lure of all that Disney merchandise, food and drinks. I couldn't get out of the parking fees, as the Brisbane Entertainment Centre is in the middle of nowhere and the train tickets for us would have been equal to a week's tank of petrol, I kid you not. However, I did some sneaky saving while still making my kid happy. Long term happy.

I bought a new little Tinkerbelle lunchbox and drink bottle set from Woolworths which only cost a few dollars. $3.50, in fact. I filled the plasic container with popcorn and the drink bottle with water. M was so thrilled to get these treats at the show, and an added bonus is that we simply use these on a day to day basis from now on. No buckets of pocorn for $6 which will be thrown away, no nasty drinks and she will always look at these containers and remember the show.

If there's a next time, and if I'm organised, I'll also purchase some sort of appropriate merchandise and wrap it up for her. Crappy looking dolls at the show started at $18 and t-shirts were $24 - I know for a fact you can buy better quality licensed merchandise for less at the bigger chain stores. These shows are a license to print money. It's very difficult to say no when it's simply surrounding you and your child is begging and you wnat them to have a fabulous time. Or maybe that is just me.

At least I managed to convince her that high heel green Tinkerbelle shoes were absolutely not an option and we went with a Belle necklace instead.

5 July 2011

Where is my ring?

I have never liked my hands. I prefer my left hand, the fingers on this hand are slimmer and less wrinkeled and aged. However, I've never thought of my fingers as slim, in fact, more the opposite. My wedding ring has always been held firmly in place by my natural "knuckle duster" knuckle!

And then ... My beautiful wedding ring flew off my finger a couple of weeks ago as I opened the floor length curtains in our bedroom. I've noticed it has become much looser over the last couple of months. Well, that's not quite right. It's made of hard metal and can't become looser, can it? So really, my finger is becoming thinner. My mum suggested it was the cold, but I noticed my ring slipping and sliding while we were in Israel. Far from cold over there!

So my fingers are thinner. Weird. The rest of me is larger! How is that happening?

And now I cannot find my ring. I put it somewhere for safe keeping. It's not in any of the safe places I can think of.

4 July 2011

point + shoot {girl girl}

As a child, I remember falling asleep with my face paint still on my skin. That crackling, flaky feeling is tucked away in my childhood memories and sometimes I envy my daughter as she enjoys the sensations of having her face painted. Taking on a different persona, forgetting and then catching sight of her face in the mirror. the ultimate dress up and fun!

Husband's iPhone photo!

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