20 July 2011



Ooh, 20. 20 big ones.

Twenty years since high school. Am I really that old? I missed our 10 year school reunion as I was overseas at the time and to be honest, I was devastated that I couldn't go. I enjoyed high school. Well, most of it. My boobs still aren't very big but I'm pretty sure the guys who teased me about it will be a little more mature now!

My 20 year high school reunion is fast approaching and this time, I'm going to be there. I've decided to go "stag", that is, without Itay. I figure I'll be able to catch up more easily with lots more people if I'm not constantly stopping to introduce him, explain who each person is (especially if I'm trying to figure it out for myself!) and making sure he is OK. Of course, he is socially adept but I'm just going to wing it all by myself.

*Gulp*. It's a little nerve wracking to think about, actually!

We're actually having the reunion at the same venue we held our Year 12 formal, which is quite fitting. Hopefully it will be a blast. Facebook has been instrumental in catching up with loads of old school friends, whcih has been lovely. I don't regularly see any of the people I went to school with from my actual year. I do have a couple of good friends from the year below me that I catch up with and I have run in to the odd classmate. It will be a huge night full of memories, I am sure.

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