19 July 2011

Taking time to make it fun

Just lately, I've felt a little more energized and a little more patient with the people who matter most - my children. I've been able to get down on the floor and play trains. I've put music on and danced a little. I've coloured in a little more. When dreaming of having babies, I didn't imagine that playing would be quite so much effort sometimes!

I've been trying to find some inspiration to engage the kids in a few different activities, which for the most part has been fun. O is a just at that age when he thinks it's fun to throw stuff. So this coloured rice activity was going well, with both kids stirring, sorting and making "soup", until O thought it would be a great idea to throw his whole bowl on the ground. Twice. And then activity over. They did enjoy it though!

Making coloured rice:

I first posted this in October last year, but here's a quick recap of how to do it. It's so easy, and while I thought the preparation would be messy, it is actually pretty much mess free as long as you supervise!
You need:

Rice, any kind
Ziplock bags
Food colouring
Hand sanitiser, make sure it has alcohol in it

Pour some rice in a bag. Squirt in a bit of the sanitiser. Add a few drops of food colouring. Carefully zip up the bag. Shake and squish the rice so it becomes coated in the sanitiser and food colouring. Pour in to a bowl to dry, whcih should only take about 15 minutes. (I lined the bowls with paper towel as I wasn't sure if it would stain, but it didn't seem to.) Now make a few more colours! Easy!

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