26 July 2011

On mowing the lawn

I'm a believer in energy. Not just energy to get up and go, or energy to make things go. Energy within ourselves, whether you call it chi, or something else. It’s also a feeling. I mowed the lawns on Saturday, front back and sides – a true hair cut! It made me feel good. Not just because it looks much neater and tidy, but because the energy has changed, moved around.

It’s the same when I finally organise my wardrobe, or the kids’ piles of clothing, or the pantry cupboard. (Except I haven’t done that last one yet. I will. One day soon. It’s been on my list since April last year. I’m not kidding. I wrote it on the list before the in-laws came to stay, it didn’t get done. And has not been done! )
As a mother, I think any method of recharging and feeling energy is a good thing. I desperately need more energy. I go to bed exhausted, I wake up tired and wondering how I will make it through the day. So if shaking things up, moving around and changing spaces gives me energy, I'd better do more of it!


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