6 July 2011

Sneaky snacks and saving cash

"But why is it in ice, Mummy?" She was so excited, yet wondering why the
"movie" (as she insisted on calling it) was on ice. A difficult question to answer. Why indeed, did Disney create a show on ice?

I grabbed some last minute tickets and made some last minute plans. These shows are ridiculously expensive, in my opnion. Then you need to add on parking costs and the lure of all that Disney merchandise, food and drinks. I couldn't get out of the parking fees, as the Brisbane Entertainment Centre is in the middle of nowhere and the train tickets for us would have been equal to a week's tank of petrol, I kid you not. However, I did some sneaky saving while still making my kid happy. Long term happy.

I bought a new little Tinkerbelle lunchbox and drink bottle set from Woolworths which only cost a few dollars. $3.50, in fact. I filled the plasic container with popcorn and the drink bottle with water. M was so thrilled to get these treats at the show, and an added bonus is that we simply use these on a day to day basis from now on. No buckets of pocorn for $6 which will be thrown away, no nasty drinks and she will always look at these containers and remember the show.

If there's a next time, and if I'm organised, I'll also purchase some sort of appropriate merchandise and wrap it up for her. Crappy looking dolls at the show started at $18 and t-shirts were $24 - I know for a fact you can buy better quality licensed merchandise for less at the bigger chain stores. These shows are a license to print money. It's very difficult to say no when it's simply surrounding you and your child is begging and you wnat them to have a fabulous time. Or maybe that is just me.

At least I managed to convince her that high heel green Tinkerbelle shoes were absolutely not an option and we went with a Belle necklace instead.

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