22 July 2011

The way we are.

This is a quote from a make up artist who has worked on the faces of some super famous women. Her words touched a cord with me. I need to buy less magazines.

"I haven't met one woman yet in my path, even the ones that are viewed as perfect by most, who doesn't struggle with the whole, not feeling good on the inside equals not feeling good on the outside. If one doesn't cultivate what makes them feel beautiful on the inside, it doesn't matter what our shells look like, we don't like what we see. Women are very hard on themselves. All women. It's painful to realize that we all share a very warped perception of ourselves. Even the women we admire. I have often said that the reason I am successful as a makeup artist is because of how I make the women I work with feel more than how I make them look.

The thing to remember about celebrities is that it is a part of their job to look the way they do. They exercise more than most women do (sometime 2-3 hours a day), they get facials on a regular basis, many of them have their food delivered to them and it's not three big huge glorious meals. It takes extreme dedication and diligence on the part of the actress to maintain the body and face that they have. They sit in hair and makeup for 2-3 hours before we see them all dolled up. A lot goes into how they look. An average women does not have the time to dedicate to their looks the way an actress does, and the average woman shouldn't feel compelled to, it's not part of their job. What is admirable about these "beautiful" woman, is there dedication to being great at their job. That is what is empowering about them, not how glamourous they look."

Molly Stern, via Girl's Gone Child.

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