15 July 2011

What's on this weekend?

Unlike the beautiful sunshine we enjoyed last week, this weekend is looking like it will be chilly and a little rainy. Last weekend, I was tempted to go for a swim, until I tested the water, that was!

This weekend, big plans include the first ever ballet and jazz classes for the princess. She's simply bursting with pink, sparkling excitement. Hopefully we'll tidy up a bit around the house, sneak in an afternoon nap and then on Sunday we have some dear friends coming up for a BBQ. In the cold and rain... We'll just have to duck in and out to cook.

What are you up to over the weekend? I'm sure I'll have some photos of the much anticipated dance classes!


Kelly said...

Sounds like you have a beautiful weekend planed even if the weather isn't great.

Hoping for a semi quiet weekend, I can a cold at the moment and I need the rest. My best friend is coming over for dinner on Saturday and I look forward to chating up with her. xo

Anonymous said...

I hope madam enjoys her first dance lesson, how exciting!!!

Our weekend- it consists mainly of sport. My netball game at 12.30pm today, Xavier has football training at 3pm, Lemoe has a rugby game at 3pm. The tomorrow Xavier's game is at 9am, Levi is skipping his 1.30pm game as we have tickets to the rugby to watch the Australia Wallabies vs Samoa at 2pm!
Did I say our weekend consisted ALL of sport!!!

Blythe said...

Hope you both had good ones. Darnell, yours sounds exhausting!

Anonymous said...

That's weekends in winter for us!!! I am just lucky Tamika dances on a Tuesday night, so its one less activity we need to fit into those 2 days!
I am on a countdown though, all weekend sport should be over by end of Aug, first week of Sept, and the weekends are back to being all mine!