5 July 2011

Where is my ring?

I have never liked my hands. I prefer my left hand, the fingers on this hand are slimmer and less wrinkeled and aged. However, I've never thought of my fingers as slim, in fact, more the opposite. My wedding ring has always been held firmly in place by my natural "knuckle duster" knuckle!

And then ... My beautiful wedding ring flew off my finger a couple of weeks ago as I opened the floor length curtains in our bedroom. I've noticed it has become much looser over the last couple of months. Well, that's not quite right. It's made of hard metal and can't become looser, can it? So really, my finger is becoming thinner. My mum suggested it was the cold, but I noticed my ring slipping and sliding while we were in Israel. Far from cold over there!

So my fingers are thinner. Weird. The rest of me is larger! How is that happening?

And now I cannot find my ring. I put it somewhere for safe keeping. It's not in any of the safe places I can think of.

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