12 July 2011

Where is Thumbkin?

He never really wanted a dummy. Even when he was nil by mouth in the Special Care Unit as a newborn, he just didn't like the dummy. He figured out he had thumbs and then he decided on a favourite. Little lefty went in the mouth when he was tired, bored or wanted Mummy. I was wondering when or how he'd eventually stop.

Last week he was unwell and cranky. Our kids have never really "teethed" but this was true blue teething, with bloody gums, pain when eating and blisters on his tongue while his molars pushed further through his gums. He was in so much pain, the poor little chomp. His mouth was even too painful for him to suck his thumb.

Now it seems as though he's forgotten about thumbkin. He sucked his thumb through previous new teeth, huge painful blisters on his thumb, terrible colds when his nose was blocked and he couldn't breathe if he sucked at the same time. But now he seems to have moved on. Bye bye, thumbkin. You were cute. And we loved you.

This is one of the first photos I have of the thumb lovin'.

This snapshot was taken (with flash!) just a few weeks ago.
This is the last photo we'll have of Ori sucking his thumb. Aww!
Don't you just love this very real photo - dirty little feet and washing in the background!


Kelly said...

I still catch my 5 year old sucking her thumb while she sleeps sometimes. He's such a cutie xo

Blythe said...

My four year old daughter has recently started to suck her thumb at night! Isn't it funny! I've missed you, Kelly. xx