29 August 2011

point + shoot {weekend la la}

:: Rainy Saturday
:: Ballet + jazz for the princess
:: Boys go shopping
:: Vintage Sunbeam beaters, whipping up some muffins
:: Afternoon naps
:: Delicious Basque chicken, recipe by Margaret Fulton
:: Sunday Sunday!
:: Kids scooting and biking outside
:: "Mama, I jumpy!"
:: Mad dash to the shops
:: A visit from Grampa
:: A photography shoot on the very windy beach
:: A very quiet weekend!

Playing along over at Sunny + Scout. My camera cord is missing at the moment, so jst a few plain old iPhone shots will have to do!

25 August 2011

Adentures in Israel.

Israel. Here we go...

Beach, Rishon le Zion.

These kids ate so, so many chips while we were away. The third little chip muncher is our niece.

O and Saba (grandpa) at a dinosaur exhibit.

Old Port of Tel Aviv.

Take a photo of me surprising you behind this funny grass box, Mummy!

OK honey, I will. Ain't she cute?!

This was so funny - he's saying "it tastes funny when you do this...."

Yes, he was licking the salty, rusted wire railing. Yuk... and I bet it tasted gross!

Drinks at the Farmers Market.

Farmers Market, Old Port of Tel Aviv.

Next stop... weekend away, up in the north of Israel, to a tiny little Druze village.

24 August 2011

Adventures in Malaysia

I realised I haven't written about or posted any photos of our trip to Malaysia and Israel. Here's a few photos, straight out of camera.

Malaysia first...

There's a huge, seriously gigantic playground just at the bottom of the Petronas Towers. What you can't see in this photo is how ridiculously humid it was, we were all absolutely bathed in sweat. Ugh!

M playing in one of the pools at our hotel.

Another pool at the hotel, very windy!

She was not quite sure about trying this coconut milk. She did try it in the end, but no way O was going near it!

Both kids did a lot of this - playing with iPhone apps. The phones were great in some ways, keeping them occupied on planes, waiting in queues, and as above, when awake in the middle of the night. By the end of the trip they were like little hyenas with the phones, attacking them when they spotted them anywhere. We had to wean them off the iPhone when we got home. Bad withdrawals.

Petronas Towers in the distance, taken from Menara Kuala Lumpur, KL Tower.

Next stop (after a ridiculously long stop in Jordan), Israel.

23 August 2011

With all this gym, no Jim (Beam) and supposedly healthy eating, I'm not seeing, and more importantly, feeling results.

Oh, I am sleeping much better and I think that is because I haven't been drinking alcohol. But I'm not really feeling trimmer or tighter or more fit. So I decided to write a food diary. And... oh dear. It's appalling. Seriously, I have replaced alcohol with dark chocolate. Lots of it. Blocks at a time. And home made popcorn. Muesli bars. Just too much food. Too many carbs of the wrong kind, bread, damn you bread, and cous cous, and rice and all you delicious other white things.

Right then. Time to get serious. I am paring back my food consumption, getting back in to the foods I know are good for me and not eating blocks of chocolate, just for fun. I don't even savour the chocolate, I just shovel it in my mouth and swallow it down.

The food diary is a confrontational tool that is just so brilliant for facing up to myself. It's difficult to write down what you truly do eat and drink on a daily basis. I wrote items such as dark chocolate x 16 squares. This was shortly after I arrived at work, 10.30am. I mean, really?

Good food. Strength. Health. I need to change my ways to achieve my goals.

22 August 2011

point + shoot {weekend la la}

We had planned a BBQ picnic for the weeknd, but the weather had other ideas. After weeks and weeks of glorious sunshine, we woke to steady rainfall on the roof on Saturday morning. And a 6.45am wake up, I love a sleep in!

So we moved our BBQ to the backyard, plastic plates and all, which was actually quite fun! The sun did come out, hence the sunglasses in the photos, but the sky just couldn't decide. We finished up our sausages just in time for more raindrops.

This was the sky above us, half blue and half dark and threatening to pour down on us. We had a lovely picnic, in the short sunny time we had! What did you do over the weekend?

Joining in with point + shoot!

19 August 2011

My girl

Her questions continue to both amaze and frustrate me. Her gorgeous face just keeps on being beautiful. She is full of emotion, creativity and sweetness. She is also full to the brim with over the top crazy tantrums. She is my big girl. Growing and maturing so quickly.

17 August 2011

pretty pasta*

We've mastered coloured rice, so I thought we'd try coloured pasta. This is great for play and also threading. We used macaroni but penne would be even better for little fingers.

All you need is:

* pasta
* antibacterial handwash - make sure it has alcohol in it
* food colouring
* ziplock bags

Pour some pasta in to a ziplock bag, squirt in some hand wash then add a few drops of food colouring. Add lots of you want strong, bright colours!
Squish the pasta, hand wash and colouring around to coat the pasta.
Tip the coloured pasta in to a paper towl lined bowl or container and leave to dry. It shouldn't take too long, maybe 15 minutes?

Enjoy the fun!

16 August 2011

Sunday Sunday

On Sunday we chose to stay at home and just be. Usually we’re out and about, enjoying the simply amazing weather, picnicking, eating out or exploring. While we love to do all those weekend activities, it was a lovely change to settle in at home and potter about.
I managed to clear out and organize our poor little pantry and oh! It is now an object of beauty. I keep opening the doors and peering in, admiring the clean surfaces, well arranged canisters and jars and just the pantry-ness of it. Love it! Why did I wait so long? Well, good reason, it was an awful job. Two shelves in to a five shelf job, I was yelling out “I’m hating this!” and Itay would encourage me by telling me how much I’d love it once it was complete. And he was right. Hang on, I just have to go an open the doors again. Ahh.

We also cooked our usual week’s worth of meals and then I tackled M’s room. Big job. Big, big job. Itay fixed a wonky bookshelf and I took that opportunity to shuffle a few pieces around in her little room. We tided books and moved a heap of “baby” books in to O’s room, we found places for multiple princess tiaras, fairy wands and wings. Barbie and her motley crew, plus accessories, found a home in a giant pink bucket. I also bundled up loads of tiny pieces of , well, junk and threw them away. Nasty mummy that I am. I did keep precious artworks and bits and pieces I know she plays with, but I tossed four of the six Barbie combs, that kind of stuff. Now her room feels great – it’s a pleasure to walk in their. She loves the tidiness too and hopefully we can maintain some sort of organization!

O and I enjoyed an afternoon nap while the big girl and Itay went out for nappies and… cupcakes. And rainbow ribbons and a little jet for O. It was simply a lovely day at home. Remember I spoke about energy, and shaking it up? Just completing these two jobs has really sparked some energy in those areas of the house. Must. keep. on.getting.tasks.done. Energy!

What did you do over the weekend?

15 August 2011

point + shoot {weekend la la}

It will never get boring, this gorgeous winter weather. Pure blue skies and warm, warm sun. We are loving it!

She adores dancing. She dances through almost every moment of her day.

Playing along with point + shoot. What did you do over the weekend?

13 August 2011

up and down*

Taking time to just be with my kids. I actually find it difficult to do just one single task or to step back and do notithing. I feel as though I cannot really ever do nothing... Even while wathing the odd TV show or movie I am writing a list, flicking through a magazine or folding washing.

So even just being with my kids, being present and in the moment is difficult for me. Today I breathed, slowed down and just went up and down, up and down on the see-saw with O. For ages. He adored it. Gigggled and then belly laughed out loud. How divine!

10 August 2011


I adore jonquils. Their sweet perfume just fills the room with the scent of spring, tantalising, just about to arrive. Their soft, pale creamy yellow petals are divine. There are so many, many beautiful flowers, there are too many to choose a favourite. Every time I buy some, or my darling husband gives me a bunch of blooms, I remember how much simple joy they bring. I need more flowers in my life!

We visited the farmers markets on Saturday to buy our fruit and vegetables, just loving the huge, cheap punnets of strawberries, bananas at half the price of supermarkets and mesh bags full of pure white, fresh garlic! The jonquils came home with us too.

Now I just inhale their scent and I feel rejuvenated.

9 August 2011

Gym and Jim

There has been a lot of gym, and no Jim for me recently. I drink bourbon (I'm just so cultured, I know!) but I have not had a drink for almost five weeks. I’ve been hitting the gym two to four times a week for about that same time. I feel tired, sore and on some days, happy that I am taking my health seriously.

Other days, like today, I spot myself in the mirror at the gym and wonder why I’m bothering. Ugh, the muffin top. Ugh, the fatty jiggle bits. Ugh. This morning, it really affected me and I felt like walking out, midway through the class.

Instead, I got angry. I jumped a little higher, ran just a bit faster and kicked harder. I used that self loathing and hopefully burned some of it out of me.

I actually thought of this quote which I pinned a few days ago while in the class, fighting my mental battle. This fitness journey is not just about changing my body shape, it's about changing my body from the inside too.

I also had a little giggle at the girls who arrive for an Attack class at 5.30am in full foundation and lipstick. I walk out of this class dripping with sweat and my head looks like an exploding, crimson tomato. Make up? Seriously?

8 August 2011

point + shoot {weekend la la}

Sunday... ah, Sunday. After a breakfast of delicious pankcakes and strawberries, we packed up and headed in to the hinterland. It was very warm t-shirt weather at our place and so after our 20 minute drive, we were shocked at the windy, icy conditions on the mountain!

It was worth it for the view.

A little elf...

Princess Kate (so named as she was given to M on the day of the royal wedding!) and Ballerina Barbie enjoyed the rainforest with us. They're well travelled.

It went from freezing under the canopy of the rainforest to quite warm out in the sun while we ate our picnic. It was glorious winter weather!

Playing point + shoot.

What did you get up to?

5 August 2011

Afternoon delight

These are a few of my favourite things...

:: dark chocolate
:: green tea with jasmine
:: a good chick lit read
:: sunshine
:: the peace in which to enjoy these delightful treats

What is your afternoon delight?

Morning light

Yet another positive aspect of getting up super early to get to the gym is simply witnessing morning. Early morning light... and even stars. Yep, if I remember to look up when I tip toe out the door just after 5am, the stars are still twinkling quite brightly in the deep, dark pre-dawn sky. So very beautiful.

Then on the drive home, the sun is just beginning to peek through and the first rays of light and warmth are shining through. I took this photo on my phone last week after the gym, and even now there is much more light at 6.30am. Spring will be here soon!

4 August 2011

Photo booth

Loving this new app! Photobooth. So much fun!

A book for a child

I dashed in to the library this morning on my way to work to grab a book I have on hold. As I turned to leave, I spotted a poster for a free seminar. I can hardly believe it, but I signed up for the two hour talk, taking the very last availabe spot. "Writing a Childrens Book" is the title of this little seminar.

I've a had a little idea for a children's book for a couple of years now and have even jotted down a few lines. It will be very interesting to go along and see what I can see... or hear, or gain.

2 August 2011

I guess I'm growing up...

Because somehow, my small, sweet little newborn baby is off to school next year. What??? I know there are so many mums of 4-5 years olds going through this same feeling and I know there have been millions before me. But how, oh how, is she going to cope? And how am I going to cope?

After three and half long years, M has finally, finally stopped crying in the mornings when I take her to kindy. I'm just going to enjoy the next few months before big school begins, because I am almost certain the tears will begin to fall again.

She'll adore learning, crafting, colouring, writing and playing. I just know she will. But she is not so comfortable with change. She will be OK, I know that. I am also prepared for a very sad little girl. A new era will begin, no matter what. School! I can barely believe it!

This is actually a free printable from eighteen25. Sweet!

1 August 2011

A different perspective

Same pile of toy cars and trucks, outside in the brilliant winter sunshine on Sunday afternoon. Different perspective.