25 August 2011

Adentures in Israel.

Israel. Here we go...

Beach, Rishon le Zion.

These kids ate so, so many chips while we were away. The third little chip muncher is our niece.

O and Saba (grandpa) at a dinosaur exhibit.

Old Port of Tel Aviv.

Take a photo of me surprising you behind this funny grass box, Mummy!

OK honey, I will. Ain't she cute?!

This was so funny - he's saying "it tastes funny when you do this...."

Yes, he was licking the salty, rusted wire railing. Yuk... and I bet it tasted gross!

Drinks at the Farmers Market.

Farmers Market, Old Port of Tel Aviv.

Next stop... weekend away, up in the north of Israel, to a tiny little Druze village.

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