9 August 2011

Gym and Jim

There has been a lot of gym, and no Jim for me recently. I drink bourbon (I'm just so cultured, I know!) but I have not had a drink for almost five weeks. I’ve been hitting the gym two to four times a week for about that same time. I feel tired, sore and on some days, happy that I am taking my health seriously.

Other days, like today, I spot myself in the mirror at the gym and wonder why I’m bothering. Ugh, the muffin top. Ugh, the fatty jiggle bits. Ugh. This morning, it really affected me and I felt like walking out, midway through the class.

Instead, I got angry. I jumped a little higher, ran just a bit faster and kicked harder. I used that self loathing and hopefully burned some of it out of me.

I actually thought of this quote which I pinned a few days ago while in the class, fighting my mental battle. This fitness journey is not just about changing my body shape, it's about changing my body from the inside too.

I also had a little giggle at the girls who arrive for an Attack class at 5.30am in full foundation and lipstick. I walk out of this class dripping with sweat and my head looks like an exploding, crimson tomato. Make up? Seriously?


Peta said...

Wow Blythe - 2 to 4 times a week?!?! Go girl! That's awesome. You will definately be seeing results come the summer. And ask Itay, I bet he can notice all the effort. Keep up the good work xx

Blythe said...

Aww, thanks Peta. I just have to remind myself not to set up near the mirrors, I think!