2 August 2011

I guess I'm growing up...

Because somehow, my small, sweet little newborn baby is off to school next year. What??? I know there are so many mums of 4-5 years olds going through this same feeling and I know there have been millions before me. But how, oh how, is she going to cope? And how am I going to cope?

After three and half long years, M has finally, finally stopped crying in the mornings when I take her to kindy. I'm just going to enjoy the next few months before big school begins, because I am almost certain the tears will begin to fall again.

She'll adore learning, crafting, colouring, writing and playing. I just know she will. But she is not so comfortable with change. She will be OK, I know that. I am also prepared for a very sad little girl. A new era will begin, no matter what. School! I can barely believe it!

This is actually a free printable from eighteen25. Sweet!


Kirsten said...

It's so scary hey! You sound exactly how I felt this time last year! It's gone really smoothly though and it;s so wonderful so see how they blossom and enjoy it xx What school are you going to?

Blythe said...

I'm so glad to hear it's going well for you guys! It's either Clover Hill or Mudgeeraba Creek for us.