23 August 2011

With all this gym, no Jim (Beam) and supposedly healthy eating, I'm not seeing, and more importantly, feeling results.

Oh, I am sleeping much better and I think that is because I haven't been drinking alcohol. But I'm not really feeling trimmer or tighter or more fit. So I decided to write a food diary. And... oh dear. It's appalling. Seriously, I have replaced alcohol with dark chocolate. Lots of it. Blocks at a time. And home made popcorn. Muesli bars. Just too much food. Too many carbs of the wrong kind, bread, damn you bread, and cous cous, and rice and all you delicious other white things.

Right then. Time to get serious. I am paring back my food consumption, getting back in to the foods I know are good for me and not eating blocks of chocolate, just for fun. I don't even savour the chocolate, I just shovel it in my mouth and swallow it down.

The food diary is a confrontational tool that is just so brilliant for facing up to myself. It's difficult to write down what you truly do eat and drink on a daily basis. I wrote items such as dark chocolate x 16 squares. This was shortly after I arrived at work, 10.30am. I mean, really?

Good food. Strength. Health. I need to change my ways to achieve my goals.


Kelly said...

I have replaced drinking coke with more red wine...

Its funny I was thinking to myself last night I should keep a food diary...after reading it on your blog, I know its a sign that I should start one. Maybe if I had to write down all the bad things I nibble on, it would think twice about doing it.

Michelle said...

I've thought about started a food diary as well, be interesting to know if it works. Bread is my soft spot too ... just one slice, maybe one more, faaaaark there goes the loaf lol.