10 August 2011


I adore jonquils. Their sweet perfume just fills the room with the scent of spring, tantalising, just about to arrive. Their soft, pale creamy yellow petals are divine. There are so many, many beautiful flowers, there are too many to choose a favourite. Every time I buy some, or my darling husband gives me a bunch of blooms, I remember how much simple joy they bring. I need more flowers in my life!

We visited the farmers markets on Saturday to buy our fruit and vegetables, just loving the huge, cheap punnets of strawberries, bananas at half the price of supermarkets and mesh bags full of pure white, fresh garlic! The jonquils came home with us too.

Now I just inhale their scent and I feel rejuvenated.

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Anonymous said...

they look really beautiful. i too love nothing more than fresh flowers at home. have a lovely day!