1 August 2011

point + shoot {weekend la la}

A quiet, sunny weekend at our place.

On Saturday we squeezed in ballet, jazz and gym, shopping and an afternoon nap. Weekend cooking.

On Sunday we went for a little stroll along the beach and a mangrove boardwalk. M asked one millionty billionty trillion questions and the small boy wanted his zipper up, please. No matter how warm or even very warm the winter sunshine was. Shorts next weekend, I think!

Here she is, mid-question. "And so why are the seeds all diferent colours, Mum? Why are you lying down too, Mum? What are those pointy things sticking up in the sand? And why do they like it here, Mum? Can I get down there, Mum? Can I have a snack, Mum?"

No more photos please, Mum.

Zipper up! Much concentration.

How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

love it. lovely photos. sounds like my children - with all the questions at once!

Tamsyn said...

Beautiful photos :) I love that look of concentration, so cute!

Leese said...


Me 'N My Monkeys said...

Such fun photos!
Gotta love question time. hehe :)

Kelly said...

Lovely pictures xo