29 August 2011

point + shoot {weekend la la}

:: Rainy Saturday
:: Ballet + jazz for the princess
:: Boys go shopping
:: Vintage Sunbeam beaters, whipping up some muffins
:: Afternoon naps
:: Delicious Basque chicken, recipe by Margaret Fulton
:: Sunday Sunday!
:: Kids scooting and biking outside
:: "Mama, I jumpy!"
:: Mad dash to the shops
:: A visit from Grampa
:: A photography shoot on the very windy beach
:: A very quiet weekend!

Playing along over at Sunny + Scout. My camera cord is missing at the moment, so jst a few plain old iPhone shots will have to do!


Me 'N My Monkeys said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! :)

Sannah said...

Love the pictures, and sounds like you had a lovely family weekend! Basque chicken sounds good, must look it up!