16 August 2011

Sunday Sunday

On Sunday we chose to stay at home and just be. Usually we’re out and about, enjoying the simply amazing weather, picnicking, eating out or exploring. While we love to do all those weekend activities, it was a lovely change to settle in at home and potter about.
I managed to clear out and organize our poor little pantry and oh! It is now an object of beauty. I keep opening the doors and peering in, admiring the clean surfaces, well arranged canisters and jars and just the pantry-ness of it. Love it! Why did I wait so long? Well, good reason, it was an awful job. Two shelves in to a five shelf job, I was yelling out “I’m hating this!” and Itay would encourage me by telling me how much I’d love it once it was complete. And he was right. Hang on, I just have to go an open the doors again. Ahh.

We also cooked our usual week’s worth of meals and then I tackled M’s room. Big job. Big, big job. Itay fixed a wonky bookshelf and I took that opportunity to shuffle a few pieces around in her little room. We tided books and moved a heap of “baby” books in to O’s room, we found places for multiple princess tiaras, fairy wands and wings. Barbie and her motley crew, plus accessories, found a home in a giant pink bucket. I also bundled up loads of tiny pieces of , well, junk and threw them away. Nasty mummy that I am. I did keep precious artworks and bits and pieces I know she plays with, but I tossed four of the six Barbie combs, that kind of stuff. Now her room feels great – it’s a pleasure to walk in their. She loves the tidiness too and hopefully we can maintain some sort of organization!

O and I enjoyed an afternoon nap while the big girl and Itay went out for nappies and… cupcakes. And rainbow ribbons and a little jet for O. It was simply a lovely day at home. Remember I spoke about energy, and shaking it up? Just completing these two jobs has really sparked some energy in those areas of the house. Must. keep. on.getting.tasks.done. Energy!

What did you do over the weekend?

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