29 September 2011

20 years

Oh yes, 20 years... 1991 was the year I graduated from high school. Now, 20 years on, we're reuniting for one night of fun. I missed our ten year reunion so this will be a super blast from the past.
Think of me tomorrow night in my sparkly dress and too-high heels, breathing in my confidence and catching up on 20 years!

Part 4: Even More Adventures in Israel

Here's Part 4:: Even More Adventures in Israel.
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We're still up north on our little family mini holiday in these photos. These first few were taken in a gorgeous village called Zichron Ya'akov.

Ori slept in his pram like a sweet bubba, even through the heat.

Most signs in Israel are written in Hebrew, Arabic and English.

This is the view from the Carmelite Monastry on Mount Carmel. This Catholic religious order is thought to have been founded here on Mount Carmel in the 12th Century. There is a Carmelite Monastry in the town I grew up in so it was quite amazing to visit this serene place. These photos also show the intense agriculture that is carried out in Israel, whcih is mostly desert.

Looking up north towards Lebanon, the border is fairly close here.

Part of the church.

More to come... the wedding is next!

28 September 2011

Part 3: More adventures in Israel

This is Part 3:: More Advetures in Israel, from our trip back in May. This is the one where we all head up north in a mini van. Eight of us,including three kids.

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First, a stop in Ein Hod, an artist village.

Here we are having dinner at a fabulous restaurant in Daliat el Carmel, the Druze village we stayed in. I didn't feel comfortable taking photos of the Druze in their traditional dress but it was a fascinating little village with one main street.

Here's our little ball boy in the back yard of our cains.  I love that his he is mid-air in this shot!

Amazing breakfasts. Cheeses, labnah, juice, breads, salads... All eaten outside in the sunshine with mint tea, the mint picked fresh from the gardens.

More later...

Rock on, dude.

27 September 2011

Posing for a party

M attended yet another birthday party for a kindy friend on Sunday. Here she is, posing for photos while she was waiting for Itay to say "let's go". She's wearing her flowergirl dress from the wedding in May, her choice. It was that or a fairy dress. Of course, right? She chose it the night before and laid it out in the lounge room, along with underpants and a headband. She was so ready to go!

These last two photos were taken as she heard Itay call her name. "Mum, I have to go. Bye!"

Her very own birthday party is in less than two weeks. Party season is on!

26 September 2011

point + shoot {weekend la la}

On Saturday morning we made the trip to Bunnings and I spotted these Jiffy pots. I used to love these when I was a kid, so we grabbed some and tried our hand at planting a few tomato seeds. Just place them in a waterproof container, add warm water and watch the pot grow, all ready to plant the seeds! A zero mess activity, quick but fun.

In Bunnings, I was the mum holding the hand of a sobbing four year old and carrying a screaming two year old. They were both so crazy that they were not able to calm down to play in the play equipment for quite some time. Don't you just love a public tantrum?!

It ended well, with a sausage sizzle all round. We followed it up with a call to RACQ, hoping for a flat battery as our best case scenario. Phew - it was the battery. I squeezed in a Pump class at the gym. Some home improvement, some culling. I said goodbye to lots of memories from about 18 years ago, my old high school jumper and my Pony Club memorablia. And a few pairs of old shoes! I snipped, folded and sorted party printables. Went to bed late. Headed out to play with the kids then my lovely man allowed me to have a nap with O while he escorted M to a birthday party. More culling, lots of folding (washing!). Sorting through the kids clothes, getting ready for summer. A quiet weekend. The end.

How was your weekend? Hope it was a good one!

Joining in with Point + Shoot over here.

23 September 2011

The boy

When O wants a piece of frozen bread (oh yes, exciting treats in our house!), he wraps his arms around himself and shakes, as if he is cold, while saying “toasssssse, carrrrr” which basically means “toast” and then “carr” means “cold” in Hebrew. Yesterday while we were counting to ten together, he let me say “three” and then he said “alba”, which is four in Hebrew. All mixed up!
I know eventually he’ll sort it out, M certainly has. He is just quite a bit slower in the acquisition of language skills. He has a few things which traditionally can slow down language acquisition – living in a bilingual household, being a boy and also living with an extremely talkative, bossy, never-stops-talking big sister.

His vocabulary has blossomed in the last couple of months, his pronunciation is still a bit difficult to understand but he is stringing words together. Over the weekend he was on the trampoline and yelling out to me –“Mama, I jumpy!”. It was just ridiculously sweet, if I ignored the snot flying up and down in the air, in time with his jumps.

He is the sweetest, most mischievous little boy. He just gets up to the naughtiest little adventures. He rips books up in to little shreds. He watches water squirt out of his water bottle, then tips it upside and squeezes every last drop out on to the carpet. He base jumps from the back of the lounge. Some of these are more than adventures, they’re downright aggressive. He throws tennis racquets at M’s head. He attempts to drive her over in his little electric car. She is terrified and runs for cover when he gets on for a ride.

No matter what we do in response to these attacks or naughty events, he smiles. He laughs. Then he does it again.

21 September 2011


Balance. We all talk about the eternal search for balance in our lives. Especially as a mother... balancing quality time with the kids, time with your partner, running a house, time for yourself.

I lost my health-gym mojo a few weeks back, which I posted about here. My mojo came back, I slammed myself on a Tuesday morning and then headed back in on the Wednesday morning to do my favourite Body Balance class. I felt dodgy, and ended up experiencing a revolting gastro bug. Somehow I managed to keep it to myself, but it seemed to just suck the life out of me for days on end. It’s only been this last weekend that I have felt a little more energetic. So, my initial “reason” for not going to the gym became an excuse. "I'm sick". On Monday and Tuesday mornings this week, I must have hit my poor old phone hard in my sleep, because I woke up after 6am with the kids... No gym. No reasons or excuses, just the old “sleep” crap.

These days have been lethargic, slow and I have not been achieving anything much at all. On Monday I actually ate a piece of chocolate cake for lunch. Seriously, Blythe. Lunch? What was I thinking?

This morning, finally, I got out of bed at 5.05am. I headed to the gym. Body Balance. The morning light was different. The sun was definitely up. I’ve missed out on this transition from almost there, to sun completely over the horizon. The instructor was late. A different instructor walked in. She asked us all to move right to the front of the room. I felt uncomfortable. I wanted to leave. It felt too hard. I did it anyway. This instructor pushed us all and corrected us when we weren’t nailing a pose. It felt good. I worked and stretched and breathed. She lit a candle and we lay down for our relaxation phase. I am not sure I relaxed, but I tuned in and felt my body and my mind manifest energy. Essential energy.

Home. Happy to see my sleepy eyed kids and Itay. I made dinner (yes, at 6.30am!) and we went about preparing for the day. I achieved so much more than I have been on my mornings without the gym. I’ve eaten better this morning and I’ve drunk a whole lot more water. I feel more calm and more centred, I feel my direction. It feels like a good day. I have rewarded my body and my mind. Work is happening a little more easily (Although I am struggling a bit with that at the moment).

So? Lesson learned: It feels good to go to the gym. It feels good to eat well. I need to do this for myself. Body Balance.

20 September 2011

Morning, sunshine

Sunday morning, I woke at 7am. SLEEP IN! I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw were cockatoos playing in the trees outside our bedroom window. Oh, to wake up this way more regularly!

Opening the curtains, the sky was hazy and there was smoke in the air. The haze has hung around and this was the sky shortly after sunrise on Monday morning. The sky surrounds us every day and taking a moment to look and absorb can be so... calming.

19 September 2011


Bubbles. Sunday afternoon delights.

Tired after a very warm weekend full of sunshine, cleaning, cooking, organising, friends, partying, drinking, eating, chatting, beach, more drinks and staying up late to read a good book. Phew!
Playing point + shoot.

18 September 2011


We had a beautiful gathering of friends and family on Saturday afternoon to celebrate Itay's 40th birthday. The weather was insanely hot for the beginning of spring and we lounged about outside on the lawn, watching the kids tear around. I organised a "burger bar", with an assortment of burger fillings, breads, sauces and meat. And we had cake! My amazing girlfriend Peta makes cakes professionally and this cake was apparently "simple". Oh yeah.... it didn't taste simple, let me tell you!

The kids had a great time... surprisingly, there were minimal fights and my kids happily shared their toys for the most part. Our friends just made our day, we don't get to spend enough time with them and it was just such a lovely afternoon.

14 September 2011

Happy 40th!

Itay. Mazel Tov! Happy 40th birthday!

I met this gorgeous man when he was backpacking in Australia in 1998. We shook hands over a pool table at the Bondi Hotel and that was the tiny beginning of our huge journey. We spent almost a year in different countries early in our relationship, writing, emailing and talking almost every day on the phone. I then lived in in Israel for the better part of a year. We decided to marry so he could live with me in Australia. Almost 11 years on... here we are. Two delicious children. Life. Itay has traded his family, his language and his culture to be with me. Like every relationship, we have our tests and our points of difference, but I can truly say Itay is my best friend who I trust completely. He is an amazing Aba (dad) to our children and I love to watch him with them. I love him so much.

I took Itay to lunch just a few weeks after we met, to celebrate his 26th birthday. Now, we're celebrating his 40th year! Happy birthday, honey. xx

13 September 2011

Art girl

I know I've said this before. She opens her eyes and she begins to create. She wants to "do craft" at 6am. Here she is, redecorating a plain wooden dollhouse very early on Friday morning. By mid morning, the little wooden family had purple and pink... everything. I hope those little dollies like it!

Here she is, painting the stairs.

I always imagined I'd be a great "crafty" mum, but to be honest, she's hard to keep up with! She just adores expressing heself through art and craft.

12 September 2011

point + shoot {weekend la la}

Sunday was a simply gorgeous spring day. We headed out to see Swell, an annual sculpture exhibition on the beach. The kids weren't as enthralled as I had thought they would be, but they enjoyed the sunshine and the company of their grandmother. It was a beautiful morning. We left just as the crowds began, and said good bye to my mum.
Later we had a delicious lunch out by the beach, a play in the park and scooter time. I tried to teach M the skills of slowing down and braking, rather than going super fast and then just jumping off on to the grass, letting the scooter fly off! An afternoon nap followed for three of us, then the usual Sunday stuff - getting ready for the week ahead. A sunshiney, delightful day.

What did you do on the weekend? I'm joining in with point + shoot.

9 September 2011

What I'm reading right now

Oh books, how I love thee. Library, I adore.

This is what I'm reading at the moment.

Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro. Slightly odd and unusual story. Now a movie with Keira Knighley. I woldn't mind seeing it.

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins. Loved it, couldn't put it down! I'm picking up the other two books in the series tomorrow.

Patronage - Maria Edgeworth. haven't read this yet, but the blurb states that this author was one of Jane Austen's bestselling rivals, so it should be interesting.

The Book of Nuturing - Linda and Richard Eyre. I borrowed this book as it is written by the parents of one of my blog crushes. I might be late to the cool phenomenon of the Mormon mummy bloggers, but I just love their blogs. My favourite (as recommended by Peta, thanks!) is 71 Toes. Any other recommendations?

Escape - Carolyn Jessop. Again I borrowed this as one of the Mormon mommy bloggers was reading it. Very interesting read, about Carolyn's escape from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Shall We Dance - Maggie Alderson. A good chick lit read.

The Fix - Nick Earls. A pretty intrighing but light read, based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, so it was very familiar settings!

Creative Crafts for Kids - M loved this book!

Crunch Time, lose weight fast and keep it off - Michelle Bridges. I borrowed this for the second time as Michelle has written quite a few inspiringn words in this book.

What are you reading? Do you buy your books or go to the library?