7 September 2011

Australia Zoo

Like good little tourists, we headed off to Australia Zoo on Sunday. I took loads of photos, the kids had a great time and the day was a success. I must say I probably won't be rushing back, but as long as the kids enjoyed it... That makes it all OK! M was super keen to see the snakes, which surprised us! O wanted to be held pretty much the whole day, which became quite tiring. The end.


Michelle said...

What a crack up the look on his face ahhhhh! I went to Austalia Zoo a few years ago and had the same opinion, it was ok but I think its hyped up so much you expect a bit more. My personal favourite was the gigantic tortouse that's over 100 years old :)

Blythe said...

That photo makes me laugh too! Yes, taht toroise was amazing. Actually, that alligator in the photo above was almost 100 years old. Isn't that amazing?