21 September 2011


Balance. We all talk about the eternal search for balance in our lives. Especially as a mother... balancing quality time with the kids, time with your partner, running a house, time for yourself.

I lost my health-gym mojo a few weeks back, which I posted about here. My mojo came back, I slammed myself on a Tuesday morning and then headed back in on the Wednesday morning to do my favourite Body Balance class. I felt dodgy, and ended up experiencing a revolting gastro bug. Somehow I managed to keep it to myself, but it seemed to just suck the life out of me for days on end. It’s only been this last weekend that I have felt a little more energetic. So, my initial “reason” for not going to the gym became an excuse. "I'm sick". On Monday and Tuesday mornings this week, I must have hit my poor old phone hard in my sleep, because I woke up after 6am with the kids... No gym. No reasons or excuses, just the old “sleep” crap.

These days have been lethargic, slow and I have not been achieving anything much at all. On Monday I actually ate a piece of chocolate cake for lunch. Seriously, Blythe. Lunch? What was I thinking?

This morning, finally, I got out of bed at 5.05am. I headed to the gym. Body Balance. The morning light was different. The sun was definitely up. I’ve missed out on this transition from almost there, to sun completely over the horizon. The instructor was late. A different instructor walked in. She asked us all to move right to the front of the room. I felt uncomfortable. I wanted to leave. It felt too hard. I did it anyway. This instructor pushed us all and corrected us when we weren’t nailing a pose. It felt good. I worked and stretched and breathed. She lit a candle and we lay down for our relaxation phase. I am not sure I relaxed, but I tuned in and felt my body and my mind manifest energy. Essential energy.

Home. Happy to see my sleepy eyed kids and Itay. I made dinner (yes, at 6.30am!) and we went about preparing for the day. I achieved so much more than I have been on my mornings without the gym. I’ve eaten better this morning and I’ve drunk a whole lot more water. I feel more calm and more centred, I feel my direction. It feels like a good day. I have rewarded my body and my mind. Work is happening a little more easily (Although I am struggling a bit with that at the moment).

So? Lesson learned: It feels good to go to the gym. It feels good to eat well. I need to do this for myself. Body Balance.


girlythirties said...

I am so proud of you ... I keep on falling down on my stuff that I have to do away from the gym like walking in the morning :) So be proud of yourself ... you are inspiring me to get up early :)

Blythe said...

Thanks Eileen! It feels good, let me know if you get there. It's soooooo hard, isn't it?