1 September 2011

big/little girl

She carefully coloured and cut out an angel which she was determined to give to one of her new teachers. She chatted excitedly in the car, bursting with enthusiasm, and then could hardly wait for Aba to meet us at the school gates. The moment she spotted him she jumped up and down, waving and grinning. “Let’s go in!”, and so in we went.

Prep open day. She clung to her little angel and every few minutes she would ask when we could give it to one of the teachers. The current Prep kids sang us a song and she was just a little in awe. There were so many, and they all looked so confident and ginormous.
We toured the school and she was enthralled. She loved the library and the computer labs. Then we hit the Prep rooms. She was in heaven. Craft girl heaven. She sat straight down and joined in, drawing picture. I felt so proud as she confidently wrote her name at the top, clearly and legibly.

This exquisite little girl is now on the journey to become a big school kid. Oh, my heart.

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Peta said...

love the new blog design and header, Blythe. How do you change it? Did you download a template?

So glad Miss M is excited for school. It makes things so much easier!
We haven't had our orientation days yet. Not until November ...