23 September 2011

The boy

When O wants a piece of frozen bread (oh yes, exciting treats in our house!), he wraps his arms around himself and shakes, as if he is cold, while saying “toasssssse, carrrrr” which basically means “toast” and then “carr” means “cold” in Hebrew. Yesterday while we were counting to ten together, he let me say “three” and then he said “alba”, which is four in Hebrew. All mixed up!
I know eventually he’ll sort it out, M certainly has. He is just quite a bit slower in the acquisition of language skills. He has a few things which traditionally can slow down language acquisition – living in a bilingual household, being a boy and also living with an extremely talkative, bossy, never-stops-talking big sister.

His vocabulary has blossomed in the last couple of months, his pronunciation is still a bit difficult to understand but he is stringing words together. Over the weekend he was on the trampoline and yelling out to me –“Mama, I jumpy!”. It was just ridiculously sweet, if I ignored the snot flying up and down in the air, in time with his jumps.

He is the sweetest, most mischievous little boy. He just gets up to the naughtiest little adventures. He rips books up in to little shreds. He watches water squirt out of his water bottle, then tips it upside and squeezes every last drop out on to the carpet. He base jumps from the back of the lounge. Some of these are more than adventures, they’re downright aggressive. He throws tennis racquets at M’s head. He attempts to drive her over in his little electric car. She is terrified and runs for cover when he gets on for a ride.

No matter what we do in response to these attacks or naughty events, he smiles. He laughs. Then he does it again.

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