14 September 2011

Happy 40th!

Itay. Mazel Tov! Happy 40th birthday!

I met this gorgeous man when he was backpacking in Australia in 1998. We shook hands over a pool table at the Bondi Hotel and that was the tiny beginning of our huge journey. We spent almost a year in different countries early in our relationship, writing, emailing and talking almost every day on the phone. I then lived in in Israel for the better part of a year. We decided to marry so he could live with me in Australia. Almost 11 years on... here we are. Two delicious children. Life. Itay has traded his family, his language and his culture to be with me. Like every relationship, we have our tests and our points of difference, but I can truly say Itay is my best friend who I trust completely. He is an amazing Aba (dad) to our children and I love to watch him with them. I love him so much.

I took Itay to lunch just a few weeks after we met, to celebrate his 26th birthday. Now, we're celebrating his 40th year! Happy birthday, honey. xx


Darnell said...

Happy Birthday Itay!!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous post Blythe...Happy Birthday Itay xxx

Nic ;)

Blythe said...

Thanks girls, I'll pass your wishes on to Itay!