29 September 2011

Part 4: Even More Adventures in Israel

Here's Part 4:: Even More Adventures in Israel.
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We're still up north on our little family mini holiday in these photos. These first few were taken in a gorgeous village called Zichron Ya'akov.

Ori slept in his pram like a sweet bubba, even through the heat.

Most signs in Israel are written in Hebrew, Arabic and English.

This is the view from the Carmelite Monastry on Mount Carmel. This Catholic religious order is thought to have been founded here on Mount Carmel in the 12th Century. There is a Carmelite Monastry in the town I grew up in so it was quite amazing to visit this serene place. These photos also show the intense agriculture that is carried out in Israel, whcih is mostly desert.

Looking up north towards Lebanon, the border is fairly close here.

Part of the church.

More to come... the wedding is next!


girlythirties said...

I visited a Carmelite nunnery in Brisbane as well.. it has such a calming affect ... do you think it is because they don't talk ? there is a peacefulness in watching them

Blythe said...

I agree - very peaceful. It was a beautiful place.