8 September 2011

Zoning out

I was in the zone there for quite a few weeks. Who would have thought a personal training session would undo all my good work? I was in such a strong pattern, getting up at 5.05am, heading to the gym 3 to 4 mornings a week. No alcohol. Enjoying it!

Then I scheduled a session with a trainer. I wanted some advice on technique - for instance, I'm always unsure of how to do push-ups. I know that may sound strange, but honestly, I never felt like I was doing them right! I also wanted some diet advice and basically, a bit of a kick. I felt as though I'd hit a plateau and I wasn't seeing results.

The trainer was excellent and gave me some good tips. But then it all came crumbling down. The weights area suddenly intimidated me and I forgot where all the machines were that I'd been shown how to use. The boys were too big and I felt puny, floppy and insecure. I stopped going to the gym. I ate really, really crappy food.


I forced myself back to the gym a couple of days ago and I worked hard. I enjoyed it! Then I ate too much chocolate. But I did get up the next morning and headed in to do a Balance class. I felt kind of awful, in fact, really quite terrible and I let the instructor know that I was feeling nauseous. I made through about half of the class and had to come home. I've basically been in bed (or, ahem, on the toilet) ever since. I'm sick.
I am a little better this morning, and I hope by the weekend I can get back to the gym again. Got to get back to the zone!

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Anonymous said...

i don't know how many times i have done what you just explained. i am trying really hard to break old habits and it is not easy. hope it all comes together for you once your feeling better.