5 October 2011


Over the weekend, I was travelling solo for just over 24 hours. I took the time to just be... Which included stopping for a few photographs along the way. One of the was the unicorn sign in my last post, I've wanted to stop and photograph that for a while!

I also stopped to check out a stone fence on the way home. This fence is along the main road in to one of the towns I grew up in. It's the real deal, an old fashioned fence as they used to make them. I haven't seen many of these stone fences left, and this one just catches my attention each and every time I drive by.

Is it weird to love a fence? It just brings back so many childhood memories, lugging these rocks around the paddocks, finding "diamonds" in the rocks, making stables and houses for my Barbies and their horses, mud pies...

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