22 October 2011

five delights

If I had a day to myself, I would need just a few delights to make me happy.

The beach. The day would be sunny, warm and the water would be clear and blue.

A very, very good book. After a dip in the ocean, I’d squeeze my hair out, take a sip of water and lie back in the sunshine and devour my book. Dip in ocean. Read. Repeat.

Seafood for lunch. Eaten in a café overlooking the ocean.

Afternoon… I would relax on some comfortable pillows and a soft cotton blanket on the grass, maybe in the shade if the day was quite warm. I’d still be reading and I’d have a glass of green tea infused with jasmin petals by my side. I’d have quite a few squares of bitter dark chocolate too.

beach. books. seafood. green tea. chocolate.
Five delights.

Imagine a day all to yourself. What would your five delights be, on that day?

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