14 October 2011


Once upon a time, I used to dance. I went to dance parties in warehouses and clubs and I loved, loved, loved to dance. I could never seem to track down the person who sold the glow sticks though. Seriously, they've always been a mystery to me and when I did get my hands on one, I kept in in the freezer afterwards. I'm not sure if this is an urban myth, but I was told that the freezer "kept the glow". I'm pretty sure it didn't, it just meant that when we defrosted our sharehouse freezer, we just had lots of really cold coloured plastic sticks.
Now I know where the secret stash is held. The junk shop, otherwise known as the $2 shop. I went crazy. I love glow sticks! We played with them in the bath and ran around the house with them. I played with long exposures and then we hid them around the room. What fun! The glow stick, de-mystified. 

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Michelle said...

I'm all for glow sticks! I wish I had of thought about putting them in the bath, how cool would that be ;)