15 October 2011

In sickness and in health

My little guy is in his cot, sleeping. It's early for him to sleep. Who knows how the rest of the day will play out. He woke up this morning happy and smiling, snotty as usual but he seemed himself. We headed out to do our shopping and by the dairy aisle, he was sad and floppy. He became progressively sadder and looked unwell, and we raced to finish the shopping. He fell asleep as soon as we lay him in his cot and now I sit.
For me, sick children are one of the hugest challenges in this role of parenting. I worry, I sit up, I listen out. I can smell an oncoming cold on my child's breath. I am sure most parents feel this same heavy weight when their children are sick. And I cannot even bring myself to imagine what it is like those families who experience extremely serious sickness and disease in their lives. Health is just so ridiculously important, isn't it?

It will be a very quiet weekend for us, I am sure. After the fun of birthdays and reunions, we have nothing planned and so we'll snuggle at home. Here's hoping the little boy is back to himself very, very soon.

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