19 October 2011


Big school! My girl was super excited in anticipation of her orientation morning at big school yesterday. She dressed herself in all her pink finery and we bundled in to the car. We dropped O at daycare first and then I answered a million questions on the seven minute drive to school. We found M’s name sticker and then waited out the front of the classrooms.

When the teachers announced it was time for the Preppies-to-be to head in for a story, M stoood up, gave me a couple of hugs and then walked in, all by herself. Some parents were taking their kids in to settle them, some children were upset and didn’t want to go in at all. My girl, this girl who cried each morning for three years at daycare, merrily skipped in, all by herself.

I smiled. I grinned. My girl! The parents headed upstairs for a chat with the Linguistics teacher, some info and tips about starting school and then tea and coffee. Soon enough, the hour was up. My girl was peering out, waiting excitedly for me. “Look what I drew! And I did board sticking and a story and I met a girl but I don’t remember her name and which class will I be in and can I stay here today and Mum can you smell that? Is that flowers that smell pretty?”. Phew. She likes it. She likes it!

We bought her some ginormous uniforms. She tried them on at home that afternoon and I cried. My baby. Seriously! She looks so GROWN UP. Like a school kid. I imagine her coming home from school next year, wispy hair, socks fallingn around her ankles, paint on her hands. I hope she’ll tell me what she did that day and what made her happy and sad. My baby is going to school next year and boy, is she ready!


Kelly said...

How adorable - I remember doing the same things this time last year when Skye started school.

Blythe said...

It is very sweet, Kelly... Bittersweet!