6 October 2011

Part 4:: The Wedding in Israel

Here we are, our family of four, all polished and scrubbed up.

  Me and my man.

The kidlets. M in her element, O looking slightly doubtful and
also M may be squashing his hand a bit. Or maybe even really hard.

Flower girl extraordinaire!

The little dude. The tie was a bit of a lark, it came with the shirt and I never thought he would wear it. When he saw Itay putting his on, he jumped to grab his and was thrilled that he and his Aba both had ties on! He actually wore it all night.

Safta Mattie (Itay's grandmother) with M and cousin Noya.

Me and my little chomp.

The bride, my new sister-in-law, Hani. M was enraptured, she stroked the bride's dress and followed her around all night. "Mummy, when I grow up I want to be a bride just like Hani!"

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