31 October 2011

point + shoot {weekend la la}

We visited my mum at her new house on Sunday. After three difficult years, it seems she has found her place. Her place to be herself, to enjoy, sit back and breathe in. This house, this land, it suits her perfectly.

Buddha in the garden.

The kids checking out the cubby house. Most recently, it's been used as a chook house! My mum is planning to restore it to it's former purpose, and maybe raise it up... it's a little snake-ish.

This is the view from the back yard. Sigh...

Gate down to the creek, where her water is pumped up from.

Bees making sweet honey.

Look at this gorgeous old pot belly stove!

Oh, I love this new home that is now part of our family. I just felt so much joy as we turned in to the driveway. As we drove down to visit, we realised we had not been in the area for almost three years, since my parents seperated. So little has changed, yet so many changes have occured. We drove the tiny winding country roads, the green just bursting out at us, and it felt like home. Again.

The kids played with old toys and books that my brother and I used to enjoy. O loved peeing out on the grass. We spotted koalas and we tried to pat the cows. We played electric guitar and M laughed hysterically as she played with a harmonica. I am so looking forward to my kids enjoying building memories in their grandmother's house in the years to come. Beautiful visit.

Joining in with point+shoot over here.

How was your wekend? What did you get up to?


Kelly said...

Looks & sounds like such a lovely new home for your mum xo

Me 'N My Monkeys said...

I have that same buddha in my Garden. :)
Love your pics, Looks like a beautiful area! xx

Casey said...

What a lovely new home, I am sure many memories will be made there.