3 October 2011

point+shoot {weekend la la}

Phew! What a weekend! Friends, family, beach, breakfast out, markets, hair styling and then the reunion. Long drives, sleeping by myself. My feet... oh, my feet. They are destroyed. But it was all worth it! What a night!

I'm still recovering and of course work today, plus volunteering at daycare this morning. So, a few unedited iPhone snaps from the weekend.

Currumbin beach, early Saturday morning before delicious banana bread in a cafe.

 Caution! Unicorns ahead.

Koalas and unicorns, living in harmony...

Styled, ready for the reunion.

1950s tricycle at the markets, early Sunday morning.

Joining in with Point+Shoot!


Lisa said...

unicorns ARE REAL! I knew it!! :)

Me 'N My Monkeys said...

Loving your pics.
Looks like you had a fantastic weekend! x

Koala and 'unicorn', interesting. hehe

Mum on the Run said...

Gorgeous pics.
Rest those tired feet.

girlythirties said...

See I knew they were real... got to love unicorns... I loved the hair and the tricycle how cute is that!