11 October 2011

sunset + surprise

Driving home from kindy a few nights ago, I saw this beautiful light pouring down just as the sun was setting. I took a quick photo with my phone and then zoomed in for another shot.

Just look at this second photo - can you see the moon there? I'm not sure what that red aura is, a trick of light.

Isn't it gorgeous? I was amazed when I looked at the photos later and spotted the moon.

Since joining Instagram, I find myself taking more quick photos on my phone and seeing the world in a slightly more detailed and interesting way. I stop more often, look closely and absorb the quirky stuff that makes up my world. Are you on Instagram? Let me know - I'm @blythe_life and I'll follow you back.


Anonymous said...

these are so pretty. my little girl loves the moon. she is always looking out for it. what a beautiful aura. i have never seen this before.

Jade said...

Wow, those pictures are really gorgeous. I agree with Veronica, that name is beautiful and different.