20 October 2011

What's for dinner?

I'm still loathing meal planning, shopping and cooking. Oh, for the days of "what will we have for dinner?" just hours before the actual consumption of food... and eating what ever we wanted! I know I need to snap out of this attitude quickly, holding on to these feeelings and loathing even the idea of a necessary task just seems to make it all that much harder.

This week:

Lamb cutlets with salad and garlic bread
Butterflied chicken with lemongrass, ginger & chilli rub with potatoes and vegetables
Pasta with caper, olive, anchovy and tomato sauce
Lasagne with ricotta and fetta instead of Bechemel sauce plus salad
Baked fish, spiced potatoes and asparagus
Home made pizza
Braised chicken in broth - a new recipe

What are you having for dinner this week?


Kelly said...

Your weekly menue sounds so good - wanna come around and cook for my family too xo

Laura said...

I want what you are having!

Blythe said...

Kelly, if your kids will eat the food, I'll come and cook it! Laura, I am positive your dinnes are mindblowing without even trying, being a two chef family!