21 October 2011

Whirly girl

She is... growing up. So beautiful. So fiesty. So opinionated. So creative.

Look at that hair! (And the boy is beyond cute too.)

Her waking moments are fulled with craft, colour and creativity. She dances and sings constantly and many of her converations are held in song. She has a temper which flicks like a switch and she cannot seem to calm her outbursts. She sobs in her room, croaking "I can't sop crying, Mummy", and she needs a reminder to use her yoga breaths to calm her self.

She asks hilarious, thought provoking and downright annoying questions. "Mummy, did Julia Guillard tell the sushi shop owner to put the Sushi Train here?". That one had me almost had me snorting soy sauce out my nose!

She sleeps well these days, taking herself to the toilet and putting her music back on if she wants it. She sleeps with a bedraggled pink poodle these days, who is desperately in need of a wash. She no longer uses her beloved button however... she has begun to suck her thumb at night. Seriously! Any ideas to stop this?

She is extremely particular about clothing and has just started to show interest in other colours, besides the dreaded pink. I know better than to buy her shorts for summer, it's dresses and skirts with her, all the way.

She is affectionate, challenging and maturing so fast. Love you, little big girl.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

OMG - They can NOT have grown up this much! Look how long and beautiful her hair is.

And look at how cheeky he looks! <3 Too beautiful.