16 November 2011

Breaking Dawn

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m 37, but feel like I’m 17. I’m counting the hours until the premiere of Breaking Dawn... I think Edward is ridiculously sexy. The Twilight saga is the first series of books I have ever bought. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought books before (and if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I read, read, read), but a series? I love it. I’m a 17 year old at heart.

There. It’s out. I’m proud.

Still going to read?!

I don’t actually find Robert Pattinson all that attractive in “real life” and I’m not particularly interested in any of them out of the movie. But Edward? Ohhh... Edward. I make myself laugh and surely that’s a good thing.

Breaking Dawn! Midnight! Tonight!

Wish I had a pretty picture to add in here but my computer is not playing. So just image a pale, sparkly vampire boy. Sigh.


Peta said...

THinking of you tonight ... have fun!

Kelly said...

Me too - cant wait to see the movie (gotta wait until 22nd)