2 November 2011


She is a sweet, gorgeous thing but oh! Fiesty! Emotional! Curious and such hard work. She does not stop talking... even through the night, she chats away in her sleep.
Here she is, being cranky at me. Cranky pants tutu.

Last night she laughed and laughed hysterically. She looked like a little cherry tomato head, she was so red from the forced laughter, mixed in with the real stuff. It was kind of scary, and then. Pause. She was so highly charged, she burst in to tears! Itay and I tried so hard not to laugh, but she was just hysterical in a whole different way. I scooped her up, took her in to her room and lay on the bed with her. I breathed with her, skin to skin and tried to calm her energy. Then I completely changed the subject. After a few minutes, she was breathing slowly and just a little more relaxed.

Whoa... She is just so intense.

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