2 November 2011


Origami flowers, from a craft market.

Creativity. I aspire to be creative, I dream of it and imagine creating. I just don’t seem to do anything about it. I find myself all sorts of reasons and excuses, I don’t have enough room or money or time. I’m not good at it, I’m not original. I have no patience, I have no flair for colour or craft. I’m not organised.

I devour creative blogs. I wish to be a crafter, a quilter, a sewer, a photographer, a gardener, a thrifter, a designer, a graphics whizz, an interior decorator. But I'm not any of those things. How to grow and stretch in to these creative outlets? I feel overwhelmed by all the creativity out there and I feel like my little blob of a self cannot even begin to enter in to that world.

I save patterns and paper and scraps of felt and pin ideas and things I want to make and do but I just never DO them. Even my blog posts feel stilted and boring at the moment!

So how to move my creative juices? I need to actually absorb some of these ideas below, I think! How do you fire up your creativity?

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Kelly said...

Very pretty xo