28 November 2011


I love photography. I particularly love taking photographs of my children, but capturing life as we live it has become so important to me. I’ve spoken about Instagram previously, and seriously, I’m addicted.

Photography, and more recently Instagram, have shown me just how to look around, open my eyes and see beauty and life simply surrounding me. Instead of being annoyed by the setting sun in my eyes as I drive home from work, I see sun flare, reflections, gorgeous cloud patterns and rays of light. Instead of weeds in a car park, I see green angular patterns. Instead of an eclectic breakfast, I see the shapes, colour and choices my daughter makes.

I think Instagram has replaced Facebook for me as my social media of choice recently. If you’re on Instagram, I’d love to see your photos. I’m @blythe_life over there.

A few Instagram shots of my boy:


girlythirties said...

I love love instagram too as well ... well as you know ... but i have also gotten addicted to PictFRame which allows me to create story boards from my instagram pics or alternatively you can create and then play in instagram... best $.99 i have spent in ages :)

Lauren said...

I have totally been getting into Instagram lately too. I'll hop over and check you out. I'm laurenkeim on the "gram!"

Peta said...

I love your IG pics Blythe.
It's my new addiction too.
First thing I check in the mornings!