1 November 2011

Little creatures

Odd subject: insects. Obviously, they're everywhere. I grew up in the country, so not too many insects worry me. Spiders, bugs, crawly things, generally they don't bother me. Mosquitos, I do detest. I always have.

My girl is quite a sensitive little soul, and this sensitivity extends to her skin. Mosquitos adore her. They devour her and she swells immediately. We've had some terrible episodes where she has swelled and the bites have become infected. Her ballooning feet turned shades of purple and black before our eyes one night. I detest mozzies, and more so now my girl reacts so badly to them.

The mozzie thing has made M a little bit of a scardy cat when it comes to insects. She knows what happens when she is bitten by mozzies and so she tends to freak out about all insects. Imagine her reaction when we spotted this enormous mozzie:

Then just one day later, she found a tiny grasshopper when we were mowing and gardening. Lily, her name was, apparently. Lily the grasshopper. It was love.

She is just too funny. "Oh Mummy, look at her! She loves me! Isn't she sweet! I am going to keep her and make a bed for her and feed her grass and oh, she's staring at me!"

So, insects are cool again. Meanwhile, the small boy finds ants and brings them to me. "More ants, Mum". I have to take them from him and put them... well, somewhere,. Bin. Back on the ground. Then my fingers taste like ant. Not that I put them in my mouth too often, unlike the boy, who sucks his thumb. Ugh, ant tastes bad. Ever tried it?


JoEllen said...

Found you via Blogging Your Way! Wanted to say that is a Praying Mantis, not a grasshopper. We raise them for our own garden and love them dearly. Looks like that is a baby. What fun!

Blythe said...

Hi JoEllen! you're right, it is a Praying Mantis. Thanks!