8 November 2011


We love making our food from scratch, knowing what goes in to our food and enjoying the tweaking process to perfect a recipe. I had never attempted a pizza base though... dough kind of scares me. Itay made some pitot (plural of pita) a while ago, which were semi-successful. But hard!

So, an easy two ingredient pizza base. This one has been going around the interwebs, but I thought - seriously, just two ingredients? Then I found a pizza recipe named something like "Best Ever Chilli Prawn Pizza" and it sounded so good, I thought I should have a go at this home made base business.


1 cup self raising flour
1 cup youghurt - natural or Greek.
Mix. It stuck to my hands furiously and I panicked. Added more flour. and then added more. And it began to come together. I added a little more and then began to knead. And it worked! I rolled it out and then just loved myself like crazy. I made a pizza base!

The pizza was delicious... The rest of it inlvoved:

Tomato sauce (not ketchup, you know, pizza sauce)
mozarella cheese
sliced cherry tomatoes
roasted capsicum
prawns sauteed in garlic
Salsa verde - basil, parsley, stale bread, olive oil, anchovies and capers whizzed up.
Chilli flakes

It was seriously so good!

Agggh, terrible photo. Anyway, it was divine and super easy!

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Michelle said...

I'm too scared to make my own pizza dough as well so my other half gets that job while I chop up all the toppings. Makes a world of difference though doesnt it your own pizzas totally from scratch yum!