18 November 2011

Right now

I haven't been posting much lately. Despite my best efforts, I'm still not feeling creative and not even able to write about not feeling creative! I've also been fighting a bit of a cough and cold, which has in turn become laryngytis... Not so good for someone who needs to talk to people as part of my job!

Speaking of my job, I've recently added a bit of a different element to my position. It's been a great few weeks so far, although the slight extension in hours and brain usage has tired me out a bit more than usual! I'm enjoying a variety of tasks and it really is keeping me very busy.

Our weekends feel like they are packed with birthday parties, we've been to so many recently. We still have a few more scheduled in over the next couple of weeks, too!

I have been finding a bit of time to enjoy life outside work, whcih has been lovely. I experienced a Gold Class movie for the first time and enjoyed my buffalo wings and a drink with the girls from work, I had a pedicure with a darling friend and home made pizza at home with more darling friends.

I wonder what I used to actually do with my time before we had kids... This morning I managed to sneak in a load of washing, some dinner prep, kindy drop off, grocery shopping, home to put the cold food away, all before 9am and now work. Then tonight I'm off to see Edward Breaking Dawn again tonight with another friend.

I'll leave you with a photo. Of Edward. Just because, I'm like, you know, a Twi-hard. Can't help my teenage self.

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