24 November 2011

Sunday afternoon play

Sunday afternoons are a little bit too busy at our place. We iron for the week ahead, finish up any cooking and prep for meals, cook dinner, pack bags and generally get ready for the week.

The kids love to "help". This includes useful activities such as pulling all the stored toys out of boxes in the garage while I'm ironing, trying to touch the iron, emptying kindy bags that I have just packed, taking down all the folded clothes from their cupboards and just fighting with each other.

This Sunday afternoon I pulled out the home made playdough and the bags of dyed pasta and rice. The coloured pasta and rice have been mixed with lentils, split peas and un-dyed pasta in previous play sessions. A bowl and a wooden spoon each (exactly the same colour and size, trying to limit the bickering) and they sat down to play, feel, touch and create. Oh, and make mess!

I let them go a little crazy and hoped that the toads wouldn't mind a little food colouring when they ate up the pieces we missed during clean up!

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