22 November 2011

The way he cups my face

When he wants to tell me something, he holds my face in both his hands and turns my head towards him. I adore this little gesture.

Walking with my little guy, his tiny hand in mine, he trusts me, we cross the road together.

He wakes early... 4.58am this morning. Here in Queensland, with no daylight savings, that means it is brilliantly sunny and almost hot. He calls “Mummy, Mummy, Mummy”, and when I get in there, he is busily draping his sheet up on the side of the cot, just like I do. He grabs his dov (bear) and puppy and I stumble back to our room. He lies between us, cuddling to me, sucking his thumb. Always sucking his thumb. He’s usually only still for a few minutes and then he begins bouncing around.

The little man has toilet trained so very, very easily. Just a couple of accidents but now he runs to the toilet and even stands up to pee. To be honest, we really didn’t do anything! He just gets it, and knows when he needs to go. Little boy undies are just so sweet, I love them!

He still loves balls, tractors, bikes, scooters, diggers and skateboards. He loves Fireman Sam. He also likes princesses. He can kick a ball better than I can.

He copies his big sister, smacks her and loves her. She loves him, smacks him and becomes highly annoyed with him.

He is still tiny, wearing some size 0 clothes, but he’s moved up in to the big boy world of size 1 for most clothes. I really do need to buy him some size 2 singlets for summer. He loves his ugly Crocs.

His blue, blue eyes are slowly turning green. I have a yellow ring around my pupils and he is developing this ring also – and we all know blue + yellow = green.

He is so funny and he spends so much of his day laughing and finding mischief. He lies quietly on the floor, zooming cars, readinng books. But more often, he is running, jumping and laughing. Loudly.

He has some favourite little friends at kindy, Maurice and Casey. He loves our friend Elsie, he adores her actually. Well, we all do. We adore her mum too – and he just gravitates towards them both.

He likes to join in on craft activities but mere seconds after I set him up, I usually find him drawing or painting on the table, window or wall.

He took apart a wooden train and uses the base as a skateboard. He makes me laugh. I love him so.

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