23 December 2011

And so this is Christmas...

Bringing Christmas in... For quite a few years I haven't enjoyed Christmas so much. It goes back to one Christmas when I was 17, so really, I should get over it. I want to enjoy Christmas. I spoke about our family, that we have two cultures to blend and celebrate and absorb. I want to bring Christmas gently in to our home.

Here are a few ways we have been celebrating Christmas in our house. M began to write Christmas cards for her friends but lost momentum quite quickly. This is probably because she meticulously illustrated each card. They were beautiful but very time consuming! So I finished them off for her. We added some silver Christmas tree cutouts to each card.

A friend from work gave us their old tree. What a beautiful way to receive our new tree - one that has seen many family Christmases before. I love this idea! M so enjoyed decorating the tree, piling every single bauble, doubling up on branches and declaring that "our tree is the most beautful ever!". Oh, I love that. She also made some decorations herself.

M made some little playdough snowmen at Kindy, which are ridiculously cute and simple. Adore them. Aren't they sweet? Such a simple idea but so pretty!

And here she is. She's obsessed with these plastic candy canes. On the tree, off the tree. One dozen candy canes in a little tin bucket. In a Barbie car. On the floor. Back on the tree. Fabulous $2 find!

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Lauren said...

Holidays like this come with such HIGH expectations, don't they? I felt the same way about my birthday for a looooong time. I ended up taking control of the day, planning it the way I wanted and things have been better lately. Sounds like you are taking a good approach. And I love those sweet snowmen!