14 December 2011

Blended cultures, blending traditions

When our children were younger, celebrating Christmas and Hannukah was easy. Now they, well at least M, are beginning to revel in the idea of Christmas, blending our cultures is becoming more difficult. We live in an area and in fact a country where Judaism is definitely a minority. If we lived in Sydney or Melbourne, it might be a little easier to bring some more of Hannukah and the other Jewish holiday traditions in to their lives.

We do celebrate Hannukah at home by lighting the candles for each of the eight nights, enjoying suvganot (Hannukah doughnuts) and we will go to the local Hannukah Fair. But how can that compete with the huge, huge several month long build up to Christmas?

Each year, we aim to celebrate Hannukah seperately to place the focus on that tradition, then Christmas follows. This year is a little harder as Hannukah begins on the 20th December and goes through to the 28th December. I really need some ideas about how to blend these traditions in our family.

I found a couple of interesting articles here and here  is one about celebrity couples blending traditions. I also found an article on Wikipedia here which mentions a new word - Chrismukkah, the blending of Christmas and Hannukah for interfaith households. What the?

We need to find a way that works for us, for our little family. To bring joy and love and warmth in to our house and to place importance on each culture. This year, and each year going forward.

Do you blend traditions in your family, or know someone who does? Do you have any ideas for me?



Jenn said...

I hope you manage to find a balance, Blythe - it is a special thing to give your children experience of so many cultural traditions. I envy it.

Blythe said...

Thanks Jenn. You're right, it is very special and that it what we're trying to promote.