17 December 2011

Blog loving

There are so many gorgeous blogs out on there on the interwebs. Too many to find, to read and to appreciate, but oh, I love reading the stories and the snippets of lives being lived.

These are just a few of the lovely blogs I have come across lately. I'm sure none of these are "new", but they are new to me.

Tina Grey {dot} Me :: Tina says her blog is a "brain dump". That's kind of what I write about too, and I love the way Tina thinks!
Beautifully Organised :: Just as the title says. Home. Work. Life. Simplified.

Sarah Wilson :: I really only knew Sarah Wilson from her recent stint on Junior Masterchef. It turns out she eats at one one one (darling friends in Byron own this cafe!) and she writes about a sweet life.

Home Life Simplified :: Again, just as the title says. "Get organised, manage your time, and improve your home and family life so that you save money, reduce stress, dump the guilt, and stop feeling overwhelmed."

Under the Sycamore :: Gorogeous photography and personal blog.

MamaJots  :: Beautiful photography, recipes and personal moments, Veronica is amazing. She's on a break at the moment, but trust me, her blog is gorgeous!

Have you found any yummy new blogs recently?


Lauren said...

Thanks so much for linking to these! Can't wait to dig through your list! xo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog post, I have found it rather inspirational. I have recently started a new blog (although I am not exactly new to the blogging world) but I was insearch of some inspiration in my life and I felt I needed a fresh lease on blogging. So you've helped me feel inspired, and I love your blog too, thank you

Blythe said...

HI Lauren and Alissa - thank you for your comments. I hope you enjoy reading some of these blogs. They're lovely reads. xx

Laura said...

Thanks for putting those up.
I'm not quite up with the times with blogging and pretty much just read yours and others that you mention/like. I don't even know exactly how to follow or comment properly???
Great to see the good comments on the cafe in Sarah Wilsons one.
Lot of love.x