1 December 2011

Building resilience

She is just so emotional. Last week she burst in to heart-wrenching tears because she was scared that Greta wasn’t going to win Junior Masterchef. After we finally calmed her down and tucked her in to bed, Itay and I both sat down and watched the rest of the finale.

(How I wish they’d think of the kids when the schedule these programs. How many little kids are up at 9.30pm on a school night?)

Itay and I were both on the edge of our seats lounge and luckily Greta won. Phew... I was imagining editing together a video of her fake-winning if Jack had won.

How do we build up resilience and coping skills in this fragile little girl?

At times she is so fiesty and so strong and she surprises me with her skills. Then she will just collapse in to a hyper-ventilating, quivering mess who just can't seem to find the breath to move forward. How can we help her out?


Lauren said...

My son (he's 12) is very similar. He gets so sad and angry when his football team loses (and they're having a lousy year!). We've had to stop watching. Oddly enough, he's better when it's a team he's playing on rather than watching. Still learning how to help him manage it.

Blythe said...

It's heartbreaking, isn't it Lauren. How does he cope with not actually watching? I can imagine M having a meltdown about just that too!